Innoport Express

This site is powered by the same reliable, secure, and sophisticated technologies supporting the flagship Innoport® service. The network backbone for Innoport Express is the same as the one serving Innoport.

Communications is the driving force behind every aspect of our lives. In today's society, we have become accustomed to receiving messages from every direction and calls no matter where we are. Innoport cloud communications services marries voice, fax, and data messages and delivers ubiquitous access to real-time communications.

Innoport Express is designed to provide pay as you go cloud communications services. For customers who only have an occasional use and do not want to use subscription based services, the pay per use format for using Innoport Express is a clear winner. Expect more features and capabilities to be built on the continuing success of Innoport Express.

Whether you are a small business, an individual or a multi-national corporation, the flexibility offered by Innoport Express services provides you benefits, such as efficiency, mobility and privacy at an affordable price.


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